QA professional with 6 years of experience in software and game testing and a strong technical background in web technologies and protocols.
  • 2 years of manual video game testing
  • 4 years of Software QA and API Testing
  • 8 years of Web Development through personal projects

curriculumWork experience

QA Automation Engineer
Funeral Zone (03-2019 - 02-2020)
I have been involved in all the projects:
  • Arranger - an application for digitalising the work being put in the organisation of a funeral
  • FuneralGuide - General funeral information
  • Memoria - the company's mobile application
For these projects I have done manual and automated testing, as well as regular manual, in-depth regression testing in 2-week sprints, with a release at the end of each sprint. The platform is created using reactjs for the frontend, PHP for the backend and a graphql API.
  • Cypress.io for the frontend automation
  • Exposure Altair/Insomnia for the API calls
  • JIRA for issue tracking and reporting
  • regression and sanity checks on pre-releases
  • writing and maintaining the regression pack
  • manual testing on iOS and Android
  • code management and review using git on bitbucket
  • acquainted with the amazon web services infrastructure
  • Docker for local testing environment set-up
QA Automation Engineer
Stefanini (07-2018 - 02-2019)
Testing happens across multiple projects. It includes:
  • Manual Web, iOS and Android testing
  • Design documentation analysis
  • Test Automation using Selenium webdriver and Python/Java
  • Version Control using Git
Software QA Tester
Code Factory (07-2015 - 07-2018)
During my time here I worked with clients from the UK on two main quality assurance projects. Office of Fair Trading (2015) which wanted to offer users an easier way of submitting requests, and OpenBet (2016 - current) an online betting platform. My responsibilities included but where not limited to:
  • Analyzing the business requirements and defining the test strategy and plan
  • Creating end executing test cases and test scenarios
  • Performing system, integration, usability, UAT and exploratory testing
  • Defining end to end business flows
  • Develop and maintain automated tests; analyzing the risk/impact
  • Web testing - front end and back end (API testing)
  • Organizing demo sessions with the client for new features implemented
  • Working closely with the client to understand and define the business needs and involved in the entire development process from scratch
  • Creating reports and define relevant metrics according to project phase and needs;defect reporting and tracking
  • Develop and maintain automated tests; analyzing the risk/impact
  • Linux Web Server setup and configuration (CentOS7 + Apache + PHP)
  • Using Agile SCRUM methodology
  • Using BDD approach
Video Game Tester
Ubisoft (07-2013 - 06-2015)
During my time here I was involved in five projects on three different gaming platforms: Xbox One (Watch Dogs, The Crew, The Division), Xbox 360 (Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC) and PC (Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag). My responsibilities were:
  • Executing tests in accordance with the current task
  • Defining the test strategy/planning for the testing activities and ensuring the quality for deliverables
  • Creating end executing test cases and test scenarios
  • Defect reporting and tracking using JIRA
Team coordination:
  • Task estimation, management and allocation after planning sessions with the team
  • Creating relevant reports according to the team activity
  • Providing relevant data for upper management regarding the testing activities
  • Organizing planning meetings with the BAs /development team to align the testing approach
  • Training and coaching team members
Web Developer
Kolectiv Romania (10-2012 - 04-2013)
During my time here, I was involved in 8 major projects from various industries - Zucchero Media(http://www.zucchero.ro/), Coaching (http://coaching.ro/), ASI Entertainment (http://www.asientertainment.com/), CrimboTour (http://crimbotour.ro/), CRM Edu (http://crm-edu.com/), Intraurban (http://intraurban.ro/), TwinzAPP (http://twinzapp.com/), PinkStripe (http://pinkstripe.ro/) - while engaging in the following activites:
  • Involved in the definition of business requirements early in the development process close to the BA team
  • Environment preparation; task planning and estimation
  • Developing new scripts and maintenance activities working on the WordPress platform and using PHP, SQL and jQuery
  • Defining unit tests and documenting specific features after implementation
  • Providing support for the testing team by sending feedback and recommendations for the new features implemented: infrastructure needs, resources, risks to avoid
  • Working closely with the devops team (deployments on specific environments)
  • Server and database configuration/administration
  • cPanel administration
Junior Web Developer
PC Garage S.R.L. (03-2011 - 05-2011)
I was part of a team assembled to learn and practice PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS and database administration


Bachelor's Degree - English and Italian Literature & Linguistics
Dimitrie Cantemir University (2009 - 2014)